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FreeProxy allows you to share an Internet connection among multiple computers
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FreeProxy allows you to share a single Internet connection among multiple workstations or users. Thus, instead of connecting directly to an ISP, the computers in the local network receive the Internet service through the machine running FreeProxy. In order to make it work on the client computers, there is no need of installing any other applications; however, web browsers need to be configured accordingly.

The graphic user interface of the application is called FreeProxy Control Centre. As the program runs as a service, there is no need to keep the “Centre” open. It is just used when you need to enter configuration parameters and start or stop the program. Still, you can simply set a configuration file to control the program’s behavior without using its GUI. For inexpert users, managing the application may seem somewhat esoteric as it implies knowing multiple concepts that are mostly the domain of specialists. However, provided you know what these concepts refer to, it is quite easy to configure the program to work properly.

Using the application provides several advantages. You can set it to use various types of connections and configure calendars for automatic dialup. You can also create users and attach them to groups for a more efficient organization. Moreover, you can import the list of users and groups from a Windows domain. This will allow each user to have his or her own user name and password. Thus, you can control users’ activities on the web. Another useful feature is the use of ban lists, which lets you set those URL and IP addresses forbidden to the users. On the contrary, a white list comprises the sites you want to allow exclusive access to. Unfortunately, I could not find the way to forbid access to definite file types.

Perhaps the most important advantage is the use of cached copies of retrieved data. This will reduce the time needed to show web pages on client computers as well as the amount of data actually retrieved from the Internet.

In general, FreeProxy is an excellent application. Besides having the already mentioned advantages, it is also very small and easy to install. Moreover, it constitutes an affordable alternative to other similar paid applications.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is small
  • It is easy to use
  • It is easy to install
  • It lets you create or import users and groups
  • It allows restricting access to given sites
  • It can be set to store cache copies of retrieved data
  • It is free


  • It does not allow forbidding access to given types of contents or file types
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